Rebuilding of the St Ioannis Greek Orthodox Church

Following the relocation of our Parish Community, a temporary space was established as our Church within the eastern wing of the existing building, to serve the spiritual and pastoral needs of our Parish Community.

In June 2014, our Parish board officially appointed Demetrios Stavropoulos of Design Delta: a Nominated Architect in NSW with a significant amount of technical experience in designing Greek Orthodox monasteries and churches in Australia.

Following much prayer and reflection, the Parish board, with His Grace Bishop Seraphim of Apollonias, as well as professional consultants, agreed on a design brief for our new Church: a brief which sought to truly honour our patron Saint, St Ioannis (St John the Baptist & Forerunner) and to glorify God.

In the words of His Eminence Archbishop Stylianos, in its simplest form, the design brief seeks to reflect:

“… the communion in Grace of the created and uncreated, for the salvation of the created and the glorification of the uncreated.”

With this in mind the Board instructed its Architect to design a Church that is:

  • A landmark (OPOΣHMO)
    To reflect the fact that St John the Forerunner & Baptist was the first amongst the Saints hence the cornerstone of our church site.
  • Prominent (ΔΙΑΚΕΚΡΙΜΕΝH)
    To reflect St John’s stature and appearance
  • Simple yet awesome (ΑΠΛH ΑΛΛΑ ΚΑΤΑΠΛΗΚΤΙΚH)
    To reflect St John’s life, intricate in its design without being ostentatious

This will be our simple contribution!! Not only to the City of Parramatta, but to Australia!!!