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Parish Contact Details

Address: 163-165 George Street (corner with Purchase Street)
Parramatta, NSW 2150
Postal Address: P.O. Box 99
Parramatta, NSW 2124
Telephone: (02) 9635 9480
Facsimile: (02) 9759 3809

Fr Dimitri Kokkinos Contact Details

Telephone: 0418 298 197 (m)
(02) 9740 8888 (h)
Facsimile: (02) 9759 3809

To book a Memorial Service (Μνημόσυνο), Sacred Bread Service (Αρτοκλασία), hall etc:  contact Nektaria on 9635 9480 or SMS 0401 444 293 or email

at the corner of Purchase and George St, Parramatta (enter through Purchase St)

By Car: From the M4 motorway get off at James Ruse Drive, and head towards Parramatta. At the traffic lights at Hassall St turn left. You then turn right onto Puchase St, which is at the 3rd traffic lights. After a few houses you then turn left into our Church property

Walking from Parramatta Station: (About a 15 minute walk) Walk past our old Church in Hassall St, once you get to the park keep going straight, so down the walkway that is the continuation of Hassall St, this will get you to Purchase St, turn left into Purchase St and you will be almost there.

By Bus:

  • Go to Stand A2 at Parramatta bus interchange located between Parramatta Railway Station and Westfield’s
  • Take the Μ92 bus that goes to Bankstown – Sutherland, Monday – Friday it comes every 10 minutes, Saturday and Sunday it comes every 20 minutes (approximate Opal fare $2.10)
  • You are travelling to the “Hassall St after Purchase St, Parramatta” bus stop (Stop 2150416), if the driver does not know this stop, he may know it as “Hassall St before Alfred St, Parramatta”
  • After approx. 2 minutes in the bus, just after you cross Harris St and see the park next to you, press the button to stop the bus
  • After you leave the bus, walk back along Hassall St and then turn right onto Purchase St (it is a 3 minute walk from the bus stop to the Church)

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