Upcoming Events

ENGLISH LITURGY   Our next English Liturgy will be on Wednesday, 19th November, 7 – 8.30pm, followed by refreshments under our hall.

ST IOANNIS FELLOWSHIP    continues every Tuesday 7.15 - 8.30pm (except on weeks when we have an English Liturgy).  Over the next few weeks we will be studying the book of 1 Peter.

OXI  DAY CONCERT   After the Liturgy on Sunday 26th October, we will do a doxology for Greek national day, then the parish council will be selling souvlakia, and then our Greek School will put on a Greek National day concert in our hall.

WALK-A-THON  The annual walk-a-thon of the Greek Welfare Centre will be held on Sunday 2nd November.  Registrations will start from 11am at our Church, 11 Hassall St, Parramatta.  From 1pm the walk will start, the walk is a very pleasant walk along Parramatta River. We are hopeful that his Eminence, Archbishop Stylianos, will join us for this walk. Registered walkers are sponsored, (minimum $20) and money goes to the Greek Welfare Centre, which does a lot of very good community work for those in need. The walk will finish at our new site, at the corner of George and Purchase Streets, Parramatta.  At this site a Greek Festival will occur, with souvlakia, loukoumades, Greek music and dancing, stalls.  For children there will be organised games, some rides, farm animals and other activities. This festival will finish at 6pm, money raised during the festival will go towards the building our new Church.  For more information see www.gwcwalkathon.com .  We need help at this walk-a-thon/ Festival, if you can help us please click on the volunteer section that is at the bottom of the home page of www.gwcwalkathon.com.

MOVING OUR CHURCH   As many of you know, for some time we have been talking about moving our Church.   Where we are now is surrounded by very tall buildings, there is no room to develop and grow, provide services for our people, parking is very difficult, especially mid-week, etc.  The situation will only get worse, as mentioned in "The Telegraph" on 14 April, 2014, an $8B boom is predicted for Parramatta, over the next few years many skyscrapers will be built, many very close to where our Church is currently situated.  An opportunity came up to sell our Church and buy the Parramatta Workers club at 163-165 George St Parramatta.  This site is large, it is across the road from Parramatta River, behind it is a large park, it is peaceful, it has very ample parking, a large hall and facilities, all it needs to convert it to something suitable for us is for us to build a Church. We consulted widely, received the whole-hearted support and blessing of His Eminence our Archbishop and  the Archdiocese, and consulted our people.  We had 2 large forums where the issue was debated, and our people overwhelmingly supported our attempt to move.  The site was to be sold by a private tender process.  We are moved and joyous to announce that on 20th June 2014 the property became ours. For those of us that were involved in this journey, there were many blessings, and we could see plainly the hand of God and of our patron saint, St John the Forerunner, working.  Of course a long and hard journey awaits us, but we are looking forward to this with enthusiasm.


If you would like to receive regular emails, informing you of what our Parish is doing, simply email us on church@stioannis.org and ask to be put on our email database. Those receiving such emails do not see who else gets them, in this way advertising companies will not get hold of our database.

From the Holy Fathers

Remember that the Lord is in every Christian. When your neighbour comes to you, always have great respect for him, because the Lord is in him, and often expresses His will through him. “It is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of His good pleasure” (Phil. 2:13). Therefore, do not grudge anything to your brother, but do unto him as unto the Lord; especially as you do not know in whom the Lord will come and visit you; be impartial to all, be kind to all, sincere and hospitable.

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