Upcoming Events


From now on all Church services, Baptisms, Weddings, Funerals etc; Sunday School, Fellowships, Greek school, Greek Dancing, Playgroup, senior citizens meetings, will be at our new site, at the corner of Purchase and George Streets, Parramatta. A warm thank you to those many volunteers who helped with the difficult taks of re-locating!

ENGLISH LITURGIES  These are held  once a month on a Wednesday, 7 - 8.30pm.  Our next one will be on Wednesday 15th July.  (On that week there will be no Fellowship)

If you would like to receive regular emails, informing you of what our Parish is doing, simply email us on church@stioannis.org and ask to be put on our email database. Those receiving such emails do not see who else gets them, in this way advertising companies will not get hold of our database.

From the Holy Fathers

Prayer is a divine gift and blessed grace.  The heart which God fashioned from the dust, into which He has breathed His own breath, is called beyond the confines of mere materiality.  The mystery of the separation between Creator and creature is overcome, as the maker and Fashioner of the human heart calls it to Himself. 

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